Palm City Polo Club is an inclusive and welcoming club for everyone interested in polo. Whether you want to compete, take lessons, or experience polo from the sidelines, Palm City Polo welcomes you. We promote an environment where novice to high-goal players compete in a relaxed atmosphere with all the amenities of a safe full-service polo training facility.


Palm City Polo Club offers 10- and 4-goal tournaments. Click above for the full list of 2016 tournaments.

Every inch of our state-of-the-art facility was designed and built by owner and polo professional Joey Casey for the safety, comfort and enjoyment of the horses, players and spectators.

Whether you are looking to take your first polo lesson, or are a professional who requires a world-class boarding and training facility, Palm City Polo Club provides the complete package.

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Located in South Florida, just minutes from Wellington, and an easy drive from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, Palm City Polo Club’s 35-acre facility features two regulation grass polo fields and a regulation outdoor arena. There are 60 stalls, 14 paddocks, a hitting cage, a 100-foot round pen and an exercise track. Players and guests are welcome to enjoy the new polo lounge and patio area adjacent to the main polo field.

The facility boasts EquiSafe fencing, which is constructed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Casey selected the product because it is the best quality and safest fence on the market for horses, as it has rounded edges and won’t shatter, splinter or rot.

Collaborating with Warren Prescott of JW Turf, Casey installed a new variety of grass on Palm City’s fields that has never been used on any other polo field in the world. Players who have had the opportunity to play on this field have raved about the footing and resilience. 



Joey Casey, owner of Palm City Polo Club, is one of the most experienced American players in the sport.

Casey is a third-generation polo player. A former 7-goaler, he brings more than 30 years of professional polo experience to Palm City Polo. In addition, his family has been breeding polo ponies for generations. Joey’s breeding and training program produces many top competition horses in the sport.

Joey successfully competed in high-goal tournaments around the world, including numerous U.S. Open Polo Championships. His career highlights include: six-time winner of the Sunshine League Championship (26-goal); four-time winner of the International Gold Cup Championship (26-goal); three-time winner of the C.V. Whitney Cup (26-goal), and the USPA Gold Cup (26-goal) and the Westchester Cup (26-goal). He twice won the Sunshine League Championship (20-goal) and won the 3 de Febrero Handicap (0-40) Open in Argentina.

Other prestigious tournaments he won include: the Pacific Coast Open (20-goal); the Canadian Open (20-goal), and the International Cup (18-goal). He is an 11-time winner of the Hartman League Championship (12-14 goal). Casey also won numerous Kay Colee Tournament Championships (10-goal).

Joe Casey (5 Goaler) Trained and made three horses in the Hall of Fame.  These standout horses include legacies: Rag-a-Muffin, Cat-A-Joy and Burrito.  Joe is known as one of the greatest horsemen in the history of the sport of polo.

Johnson has over 20 years of experience teaching polo and classic horsemanship to riders of all skill levels. Johnson grew up riding and showing competitively on the Midwest hunter/jumper “A” circuit from ponies through equitation and has been playing polo for the past 17 years. Johnson has worked with major polo organizations in Toronto, Canada, Orange County Polo Club in California, and is currently an instructor for her family's Meadowview Polo Club in Lowell, Michigan where Katie and her father, Les Johnson, started their polo school 10 years ago. Johnson will be available from December until April as an instructor for the polo school and coaching chukkers.

Polo Basics

Do I need to know how to ride before I learn to play polo?

You don't need any riding experience to get started in polo. We offer equitation lessons for the beginning level rider so you can learn how to ride horses and play polo at the same time.

Do I need to own a horse?

Horses and tack are included in each lesson.

What should I wear to my polo lesson?

Comfortable jeans and shirt, riding boots and a helmet.

What should I expect in my first polo lesson?

Your first lesson will be an evaluation of your riding level and you will spend time in the hitting cage learning how to properly swing the mallet. After the first lesson, we will work with you to develop a customized training program to fit your skill level and needs. 

Polo Lingo

Stick n' Ball:  When players practice their hitting skills and/or train their horses outside of a game situation, usually on a Stick n' Ball or practice field.

Polo Pony:  A horse or pony used for polo. Can be of any breed, color, size or gender according to a players preference.

Made Pony:  A horse that has completed its polo training and is ready for tournament play.

String:  A term used to describe the group of horses used or owned by a player in a game, tournament or season. Strings usually range from 1 to 12 horses depending on the handicap level of polo being played.

Set:  A method of exercising more than one horse at a time. Sets are usually three or more horses and sometimes as many as eight.

Chukker:  Term used for a period of play in polo. There are six chukkers in a polo match, each chukker is seven and a half minutes long.

Palm City Polo Club offers the following services:

  • Polo lessons - lesson packages begin at $250
  • Polo clinics
  • Full board and training
  • Polo tournaments (low- and medium-goal leagues)
  • Organized practice sessions
  • Green and made polo ponies for sale or lease
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  • Palm City Polo has the best polo fields, second to none, in and outside of Wellington. It offers a great atmosphere and competition without added stress or drama.
    — Jeff Blake, Professional Polo Player
  • Joey focused a lot on my foundation and my base of support while riding and hitting. He knows horses and he knows the game, and it’s been an amazing opportunity to learn from him. I can’t imagine a better way to make sure I’m on top of my game.
    — Aemilia Phillips, Captain, Harvard Polo Team
  • I really enjoy playing polo at Palm City Polo. Joey Casey has created a true oasis for great horses and great people with a stress-free and fun atmosphere.
    — Peter Rizzo, Former CEO of the USPA and second generation polo player
  • I’ve been playing at Palm City since they got started. The fields are absolutely great! Joey puts together a very good bunch of guys, it’s always fun to play there and the people we play with are all friendly. It’s competitive and yet at the same time it’s a very relaxed club atmosphere. The field that Joey has put together is probably the best in the world, and that is not just from myself and I’ve played in two or three countries.
    — Timmy Sharma
  • I think it's a great place to bring up players, new players, and also better players can go there as well. I think that newer players, from the beginning they can learn how to ride, stay involved, graduate up to playing in an arena. It's a great facility. I think if somebody needs a good place to go play polo they should call Palm City Polo!
    — Hector Galindo

Palm City Polo Club

9771 87th Pl S
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(561) 289-9099