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Joey Casey

Joey Casey, Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame Inductee in 2020, is a former 7-goal professional polo player who has won many prestigious High Goal tournaments thru out his career such as the USPA Sunshine League 4-time winner, USPA C.V. Whitney Cup 26-Goal 3-time winner, USPA International Gold Cup Championship 3- time winner, USPA Pacific Coast Open, USPA Canadian Open, USPA America Cup, USPA Westchester Cup , USPA Gold Cup, Along with a long list of others. Joey brings more than 30 years of professional experience and horsemanship that makes him one of the most effective coaches, players and teammates in the sport.

Joey Casey, owner and developer of Palm City Polo Club, is one of the most experienced American players in the sport, and in 2020 Joey received the distinguished honor of being Inducted into the Museum of Polo Hall of Fame.

Casey is a third-generation polo player. A former 7-goal player, he brings more than 30 years of professional polo experience to Palm City Polo. In addition, his family has been breeding polo ponies for generations. Joey’s breeding and training program produces many top competition horses in the sport.

Joey successfully competed in high-goal tournaments around the world, including numerous U.S. Open Polo Championships. His career highlights include: six-time winner of the Sunshine League Championship (26-goal); four-time winner of the International Gold Cup Championship (26-goal); three-time winner of the C.V. Whitney Cup (26-goal), and the USPA Gold Cup (26-goal) and the Westchester Cup (26-goal). He twice won the Sunshine League Championship (20-goal) and won the 3 de Febrero Handicap (0-40) Open in Argentina.

Other prestigious tournaments he won include: the Pacific Coast Open (20-goal); the Canadian Open (20-goal), and the International Cup (18-goal). He is an 11-time winner of the Hartman League Championship (12-14 goal). Casey also won numerous Kay Colee Tournament Championships (10-goal).

Professional Polo Players

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Jeff Blake of Wellington, Florida, recently inducted into the Polo Hall of fame 2024. Rated at 6-goals and has many achievements to his name including the USPA Gold Cup 1998, 1999, and 2003 and won the U.S. Open Polo Championship in 1996, 1999, and most recently in 2008 where he also received the Most Valuable Player Award. Blake’s renowned horsemanship and patient demeanor enables him to coach successfully at every level.

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Argentine professional 6-goaler Ignacio “Nacho” Badiola grew up in Coronel Suarez, the Argentine town dubbed “the Capital of Polo”, under the tutelage of father and polo professional Juan Badiola. Nacho recently helped secure Lucchese polo team as the 2016 Joe Barry Cup 20-goal champions and has been an integral member of the Palm City Polo family since its inception.

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An inductee of the Polo Hall of Fame, Hector Galindo is a former 9-goal player, currently rated at 5-goals. Galindo won the World Cup 30-goal, the Silver Cup, the Hall of Fame Cup 26-goal and the USPA C.V. Whitney Cup and much more. In 1999, he also won the Polo Excellence Award. Galindo is now one of the world’s top umpires, allowing him to teach the game from multiple perspectives.

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Charlie Muldoon is an influential figure in the American polo scene. Currently rated 4-goals, Muldoon first had a high-goal career with standout performances in the U.S. Open, East Coast Open and FIP World Polo Championship. He also served as coach of the United States polo team at at the international level before becoming the executive director of U.S Polo Association’s Umpires, LLC.